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In Tudor times probate inventories were a legal requirement, drawn up to protect the heirs to an estate and to facilitate the distribution of bequests.

Although no longer a legal requirement, they meet a similar need, and cover many other situations.

Case study one: A man leaves to his third wife the use of his home for the duration of her life. The man’s children from an earlier marriage request an inventory to protect their interests.

Case study two: The contents of an estate are to be shared between several parties currently at loggerheads with each other. An independent inventory is requested to avoid any dispute.

Our inventory process is straightforward and of excellent quality. As we are members of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, our clients can be assured that our inventories, with accompanying authenticated photographs, are designed to fulfil the detailed requirements of the probate process, and to be admissible as evidence should there be a dispute. We work to a Code of Practice, we following guidelines, and we are fully aware of the legal implications of our work.

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