SO WHAT IS AN INVENTORY?Home-Inventory-Icon-Large

  • An inventory should list every item in a property. This should include all fixtures and fittings, ceilings, walls, skirting and floors.
  1. A garden should be described, and the condition noted.
  2. A full schedule of condition should be recorded against all items. An item is assumed to be in good order unless stated otherwise in the schedule of condition.
  3. An inventory should state whether items meet legal requirements.
  4. The presence of a gas safety certificate and energy performance certificate should be noted.
  5. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are good practice and their presence should be recorded.
  6. Meters should be located and read.
  7. A photographic record should support the inventory. All photographs must be dated.


Inventories are in support of all interested parties. The inventory, check-in and check-out reports create a clear audit trail.