As a homeowner, having a home inventory can protect you from the growing problem of under-insurance, and help you get a faster and more accurate settlement in the event of a claim for loss or damage.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could you prove an item was in the premises?
  • If your property or premises had a fire or flood would you be able to reliably describe everything that has been lost or damaged?
  • Would you remember everything you own?

Millions of people are running the risk of not being able to claim all losses on their home insurance policy after a disaster.

The UK insurance industry revealed that in 2006 it had paid out around £9.0 million every day to UK homeowners for loss of possessions or damage. Although this may seem like a generous amount, many observers have warned that, with the payouts from the 2007 floods still on their mind and with new anti-fraud technology being rolled out, the industry will be looking to be as frugal as possible in the future, making simple measures such as inventories with photographic evidence of possessions, more essential than ever.

Insurance Inventories UK will visit your property and list, detail and photograph all the owner’s possessions. Two copies of the report are compiled. You may wish to give one to your insurance company.

Professional valuations for items of value should be obtained by the policy holder from a professional valuer.

The report folder has a sleeve where you can store the receipts of further purchases made after the compilation of the inventory. This can also include home taken photographs of gifts that you may have received. This way the inventory is constantly updated and would have a realistic life expectancy of three years before an update would be beneficial.

The costs of an inventory will vary from premises to premises, so we would be pleased to provide a no-obligation quotation.